Note our address or click the map link to view our location visually.

4480 North Kitsap Way
Boise, ID 83703 – (MAP IT)



:: Located Off Hill Road in Boise’s North End
:: Off Hill Road, we are right by Arnie’s Upholstery
:: A few feet after a yellow deer sign
:: Very Near Edwards Greenhouse
:: 2 Miles from Bogus Basin Road
:: 4 Miles from the Capital Building
:: 2 Miles from Boise River Greenbelt
:: 5 to 10 Minutes to Downtown Boise

When you turn onto N. Kitsap Way, the GPS may tell you that you’ve arrived and your destination is on the right.  Keep going.  You will reach a circle (island) with trees in the middle.  Go through the circle (as straight as you can see) and the house is the very next one on the Right.  It’s a little tucked away, but the key is to keep going straight up Kitsap and don’t listen to GPS.  She’ll tell you you’ve arrived when you haven’t.